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Na Lima Mana

Exhale (Exfoliate)

$9.00 - $11.00
Exhale (Exfoliate)

Especially made to give your body tender love and care...and so much more.

Made with lavender, clary sage, and shea butter

Shea Butter:
Highly moisturizing
Protects skin from free radicals
Vitamins A, E, F
Relieves skin elasticity
Relieves joint pain

Clary Sage:
Relieves insomnia
Decreases emotional distress
Boosts confidence, mental strength and moods
Kills bacteria and infection
Supports cardiovascular system
Reduces cholesterol
Relaxes nerve spasms and cramps
Balances hormone levels to rid of excess estrogen
Regulates and lessens menstrual symptoms

Reduces stress and anxiety
Promotes sleep
Relieves headaches
Pain relief
Supports brain function
Treats skin conditions

Includes dry lavender for exfoliation.